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paradiddles in 24th notes part 2

This is a quick follow on to the 24th note paradiddles I’ve been having fun with.

Once you’ve really got a good feeling for the odd groupings in 24th notes, you can mess around with them in many ways. The 2 I’ve been focusing on are:

Combinations: I’m working on sticking different groupings together. My current fave is:

double paradiddle, 4 single paradiddles and then a double on the end. Written as a sticking with right hand lead this would be:


The options are endless! It is, as always about what sounds good. I do find that a lot of the combinations with the odd groupings sound kinda cool but are fairly unusable unless you’re playing in Dream Theatre or The Locust. The real challenge is to throw in a fill that complements the song whilst using the odd groupings.

Once I find a combination that I think might work, I move onto

Sound Sources:

First I go through all the classics, such as accents on toms with the rest on the snare, or accents on cymbals with the rest on the snare.

Then I move onto accents on cymbals with the rest on the toms, or playing this as a groove between the hi-hat and snare.

Most recently I’ve put the sticking above together to enable me to show off some rather silly cross sticking and quick cymbal work.

I’m playing the double paradiddle with the accents on 2 different cymbals and the rest on the snare. Then the 4 paradiddles are played with an accent on a different tom each time, starting with the left hand on the high tom then working around down to the lowest. This means that your left hand has cross over to hit the 3rd tom, which looks kinda cool! Finally a loud double on the snare to finish off.

I hope this makes sense, I’ll try to get some video up as soon as I can to demonstrate it.

Have Fun!