About the Author

Michael Cairns, BMus, PGCE

Ever heard the joke, “Did you hear about the guy who hung around with the three musicians…he was the drummer”.

As you can tell, this author has a sense of humour, well he has to have being a drummer. As a percussionist and not a brass player, he’s also a little shy at blowing his own trumpet hence this bio is written by his missus.

Michael has been a musician for two thirds of his life. Performed and composed with other passionate advocates of the art from all over the world.

Michael Cairns can sit in the pocket so neatly, with such elegant and captivating skill, that even your most geriatric great grandma is compelled to get up and dance to that groove.

He speaks the musical language of love in a humble but erudite way that endears him to fellow musos like few others. The consummate professional he strives to redeem the reputation of drummers everywhere.

When not teaching music, he’s playing it, appreciating it, constructing and disecting it for his own development, the joy and pleasure of others and the advancement of the art.

Were I, his wife to attempt to end this life long love affair, it would be the end of the man and the fire in his eyes that only a kindred musician could really ever understand.

Yours in adoration 🙂

Elizabeth Cairns


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