Saves the day at Electric Ballroom

The opening act are like saves the day got beaten up by in utero era nirvana, without any of the charm or cleverness! Good solid groove though, and spot-on if unpleasant harmonies.
I’m feeling pleasantly youngish. I used to feel old at Saves gigs but it seems their audience is growing up with them! The Electric ballroom sounds fantastic as well, not many venues this size left in London, and even less that sound as good.
Saves the Day take the stage with little bombast and blast through 3 classics, one each from their first 3 albums.  A huge smile is plastered across Chris’s face as the crowd sing along to every line. Last time they were here he seemed a bit bored but tonight he and the rest of the band seem to be having a fantastic time. 
      They play a perfect mix of old and new, blasting out 4 tunes from their new album which make me very excited about it coming out later this year.  The new ones show a return to the glorious pop melodies of the earlier stuff with the edge of more recent offerings. The band also play plenty of oldies, including an awesome rendition of Shoulder to the Wheel. Plenty of recent material also gets a showing and the band ably demonstrate their knack for noise making as well as their musicianship. The sound is impeccable, the balance perfect and Chris’ voice is as strong as ever. They finish with a couple of more obscure numbers from their acoustic ep and a b-side before finishing with a huge version of Rocks Tonic Juice Magic. 
      Final praise has to go to the length of the set. Too many bands seem happy to play for an hour whereas Saves the Day go through about 25 songs in an hour and a half.
       An excellent gig, well worth the wait. Roll on the new album!  


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