Independence and Co-ordination pt. 2

This is a quick follow up to the previous blog.

Having been giving the triplet exercises to some of my students this week, I thought of something I should make clear.

The exercise is first and foremost about the use of the hi-hat. The main aim of this exercise is to give freedom to the hi-hat, both as an individual limb, but also as an anchor for the other limbs. Whether you are playing jazz, latin, rock or disco, the hi-hat can be invaluable as a time keeper. For me it’s second nature now to set the hi hat going on 1/4s or 1/8ths at the start of the song and just let it run. Obviously I am conscious of it but it’s not taking any effort to keep it going and, more importantly, it doesn’t interfere with what I want to do with my other limbs.

So, the thing to focus on in the exercises from the previous blog is ensuring that the hi-hat maintains a steady pulse. Keep doing the exercise until your left foot activity becomes natural and easy, and feels truly separate from the other limbs.

I should at this stage clarify that this is something I find useful. It may not suit everyone. I also think that it’s important that you go through similar exercises with other limbs (more of them to follow) and that you use your hi hat like you would your bass drum or hands. This for me is one of the joys of drumming, the huge almost limitless variety of approaches and techniques that one can explore.



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