Paradiddles in 24th notes

I’ve been messing around with putting classic stickings into less regular subdivisions recently.

My favourite is to play 6 single paradiddles over a bar at a subdivision of 24th notes.

A good way to get there is to play 3 bars of a basic 4/4 beat at 60bpm and then play a one bar fill of 24th notes, hand to hand.

Then change the sticking to double paradiddles, which is fairly standard stuff.

Then, simply change the sticking to single paradiddles. Focus on keeping the 24th notes even and in time.

This becomes interesting when you play the accents on toms or cymbals.

If you find it tough to get the timing with the different stickings, try singing the fill out loud whilst you play it. Also, go back to the hand to hand and play that a couple of times before returning to the alternate stickings.

Obviously, the paradiddles sticking is the tip of the iceberg. If you like the wonky feeling it gives, try the same thing with a sticking of 5 (4×5 with a 4 at the end), again hitting accents on other sound sources.

Have fun!


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